George "Gomadd" Bussey is one of Philadelphia's finest saxophone talents, with nearly thirty-five years in the performing and recording business.

Having appeared regularly on recordings since his early teen years, George's saxophone styles were instrumental in creating the Philly sound.  He has toured extensively around the world and recorded with many major artists, including Sister Sledge, Billy Paul, the Trammps, Teddy Pendergrass, Patti LaBelle, and others.

George has also made his presence known on the local scene with X-Cluzive and the Soul Revival, Don't Call Me Francis, and Johnny O's Classic Dogs of Love.

George plays a 2005 Cannonball Alto Saxophone, and while he's not too picky about reeds, it's usually a Rico on the horn. He plays a Yamaha Stratocaster guitar, and is the proud owner of a classic Gretsch guitar, which his late friend Norman Harris used for just about all of the Philly Sound recordings.


"Don't Mess With Bill" takes trumpet playing to a whole new level.  His style sings in every part of the instrument, and fits in equally cleanly with smooth lines and percussive pops.

He has played and served as musical director in several stage productions, including The Wizard of Oz, Anything Goes, Camelot, The Music Man, Kiss Me Kate, Hello, Dolly!, and West Side Story.

Bill's funk and soul styles were developed playing with such bands as Midnight Hour, Jazz Williams' Unique Review Band, JellyRoll, and X-Cluzive and the Soul Revival.  Other local influences include The ChatterBand, The Rockets, The Heartbeats, Don't Call Me Francis, and Johnny O's Classic Dogs of Love, all of which have shared stage time to showcase Bill's talents.

Bill plays a 1999 Getzen G20S Renaissance Trumpet with a Jeff Parke custom three-piece mouthpiece, a 1986 Yamaha 2310 Fluegelhorn, a 2003 Hermet Schartel HS500 violin, an Gemeinhardt student flute, and a couple of cheap guitars. He uses Hetman's #2 synthetic piston oil for the horns, and D'Addario violin and guitar strings. He still swears by an old Ensoniq TS-10 for keyboard work.


Inner City maintains a listing of musicians available to complete any section your band requires. The most commonly used sections include George and Bill with one or two other musicians as needed.